"Finally, someone said what we were thinking." -The Huffington Post

"For well over a decade, the critically-acclaimed, nationally-touring musical comedy and sketch troupe Broad Comedy has used its hilarious blend of song, dance and political satire to take an unblinking look at our society. Think of these ladies as the voice in your head—only funnier." -Time Out New York

“Sharp writing, playful performances and impeccable comic timing! The fun is infectious!”  –The Boston Globe

“Katie Goodman brought down the house … Brilliant!” –Comedy Central

A Los Angeles Times’ Best Bet!

“Amazing talent!” –Paul Provenza, The Green Room With Paul Provenza, Showtime

Winner of The Best of the Vancouver Fringe Festival!

“Hilarious!” –Boston Herald

"Exuberant! Colossal entertainment value, induced by the joyously vulgar, smart writing and skillfully executed showmanship. Katie Goodman is a multi-talented, femme-extraordinaire!" –Los Angeles Examiner

"Impressive. Magnificent." -Dylan Brody, Punchline Magazine

"Daring, witty and flat-out funny… Flawless timing and Fearless writing… Will have you laughing, blushing and begging for more. Fabulously talented. These sassy broads are smart, edgy and bold." -Press+1, Canada

"Rivals Flight of the Conchords" -Newcastle Journal

Nominated for an EPIC Emerging Artists Award from The White House Project, for changing the perceptions of women in the culture

“The Dixie Chicks of American Sketch Comedy!” –The Vancouver Province

"If this irreverent, giddy, snarky, perky collage of satire, sketch comedy, and cheerleading doesn't make you laugh, then either you are incapable of laughter or you are Dick Cheney. Or, of course, both." –The Boston Globe

"Its unforgiving parody of traditional, subdued female roles is excellent for muscling up girl power." -Los Angeles Examiner

"These brainy Broads know how to bring down the house while bringing in the bucks at our fundraisers. They love the f-word (feminism) and aren't afraid to use it. They guarantee you'll have a hilarious and inspiring night out!" 
-Cecile Richards, President, Planned Parenthood Federation of America


“Fierce, female, fabulous and funny!” –Eve Ensler

"Broad Comedy will help you laugh at the bastards -- thus lengthening your life and shortening theirs." –Gloria Steinem

“Clever and original!” –The Metro, Boston

“Hilarious fun! There is definitely some pretty funny shit going down at this show. ‘It’s Great To Wait’ is a hilarious song and dance with the classic lyrics that will have you on the floor, ‘I’m Saving My Hymen For Jesus.’ Fantastic.”  –Bay Windows, Boston

“These vaginas have balls!” –Terminal City, Vancouver B.C.

"These feisty Broads attack the funny bone and skewer society with satire and song. Brilliant!" –Lesley Stahl, 60 Minutes

“A great cast that gives its feminine all!” –Caroline Hirsch, owner, Caroline’s Comedy Club, Times Square

"Move over, Jon Stewart!  I haven't laughed this hard since I was a teenager reading dirty books.  Encore, please!" –Lynn Sherr, ABC’s 20-20

“Laugh-out-loud, knee-slapping, roll in the aisles funny… well worth putting on your ‘must see’ list… side splitting, provocative, and politically pointed lunacy.” –The Vibe, Los Angeles

"The clever, off-kilter songs and skits have you rolling down the aisle.  A politically savvy adult comedy that isn't afraid to take on the White House, the Church, or the neighbors.” –Nancy Keenan, NARAL/Pro-Choice America

“This razor sharp and sometimes raw but hilariously funny theatrical experience will astound adult audiences…. This highly successful and markedly unique theatrical comedy hit…originally scheduled for 4 weeks, the show was stretched to 12 weeks by popular demand.” –Carriage News, Boston

"Broad Comedy is a national treasure!" –Patricia Schroeder, Former Congresswoman

“Bottom line: Katie is funny!” –Wayne Brady

"JESUS WOULD NEVER F*CK YOU SLUTS! GO TO HELL!" -YouTube comment, on Saving My Hymen for Jesus video