Katie, and You

"Katie & these brainy Broads know how to bring down the house while BRINGING IN THE BUCKS. They love the f-word (feminism) and aren't afraid to use it. THEY WILL ENERGIZE YOUR SUPPORTERS, all the while making it a hilarious and inspiring night out."
—Cecile Richards, President of Planned Parenthood

"New York comic Katie Goodman has been described as a female Tim Minchin. I was extremely skeptical, but it turns out the praise could not be more apt. Goodman is a multi-talented singer and musician with a sharp line in political satire and a voice that can send goose-bumps up your spine or make the light fittings rattle. Ripping through songs in a variety of styles, from rap through country to Italian opera, she skewers religion, homophobia, MILFs, the Tea Party and her own midlife crisis with a merciless eye and a filthy mouth. There are plenty of musical comics out there, but few who base lyrics on a study of repressed homosexuality in the Journal of Abnormal Psychology or do a dance incorporating kegel exercises. Goodman has a cult following in the US and on YouTube, and this, her first solo show, is sure to win her a fan-base here."
—The Observer, Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Scotland, 2013

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IT ALL STARTED when your friend sent you Katie’s YouTube
hit I Didn’t F*ck It Up.”

FIRST you binge-watched the rest of her videos while at work. Many of them were NSFW, but it's a risk you had to take.

THEN you caught her solo show in New York City. Your best friend got a little too drunk but the show was amazing.

NEXT you hired her to perform at your non-profit’s fundraiser. The Executive Director rebooked her for the following year before the show was even over.

THEN you watched one of her web series. Then another

NEXT you hired her for your new sitcom, playing the quirky-but-attractive best friend to the main character.

THEN after a successful first year in the role, the studio offered her a spin-off, though you objected to the title “She's So Katie!”

NEXT you helmed her campaign for Mayor of New York, claiming credit for the slogan “She's So Katie!”

BEFORE she was able to step in as Mayor, however, she was picked for Secretary of State, a position for which she’s a shoe-in for
next year’s Nobel Peace Prize.

NOW she won’t even bother to RSVP for your holiday party anymore. Some people.


Katie Goodman“Katie Goodman brought down the house … Brilliant!” Comedy Central

"On par not just with any woman in modern comedy, not just with any music act in modern comedy but, categorically on par with anyone working the current comedy scene... Impressive. ...Magnificent." -Dylan Brody, Punchline Magazine

"Finally, someone said what we were thinking." -The Huffington Post

"Exuberant! Colossal entertainment value, induced by the joyously vulgar, smart writing and skillfully executed showmanship. Katie Goodman is a multi-talented, femme-extraordinaire!" –Los Angeles Examiner

“A spectacular, memorable solo show! Effervescent, smart... Katie’s delightful, clever parodies and vulnerable, likeable personality make her the equal of more renowned female musical humorists such as Christine Lavin and Cheryl Wheeler.” New York Funny Songs Festival Review (Click to read.)

"What’s that, Louis C.K.? Feminists don’t have a sense of humor? Trying telling that to comedian-actress-musician-feminist Katie Goodman. Before there was the women-in-comedy phenom Bridesmaids, there was Goodman. Goodman is all kinds of myth-busting!" -MS Magazine

"I have a real soft spot in my heart for female comedians. But that soft spot gets Charmin Ultra best-wipe-your-butt's-ever-had-soft when I find female comedians who manage to make feminist and human rights issues funny. Which means Katie Goodman is currently lounging in my heart, wrapped up in a Snuggie and sitting on a bed of super-soft toilet paper." -Bust Magazine

"The incredible Katie Goodman had the audience screaming." -Hollywood Today