Broad Comedy
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Brought down the house … Brilliant!
— Comedy Central

BRoad Comedy — the snarky, sexy, feisty, and fearless comedy troupe —
is here to save the world! …or at least your sanity!

Ever wonder what would happen if SNL and Full Frontal with Samantha Bee had a child and hired Neil Patrick Harris as the manny? We have the answer!

Broad Comedy has been producing snarky, provocative and loveable all-women’s comedy and musical-satire since 2001. Internationally touring, award-winning, with YouTube hits reaching in the millions, and an Off-Broadway run at SoHo Playhouse under their belts, Broad Comedy is now touring the country raising money for Planned Parenthood, The ACLU and other progressive organizations!

With the Broads, nothing is sacred, except an unflinching look at America today. It’s outrageous, it’s community, it’s a party on a stage.

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Broad Comedy and planned parenthood:
let’s build this movement together!

Broad Comedy has helped raise over $1,000,000 for Planned Parenthood!

These brainy Broads know how to bring down the house while bringing in the bucks. They love the f-word (feminism) and aren’t afraid to use it. THEY WILL ENERGIZE YOUR SUPPORTERS, all the while making it a hilarious and inspiring night out.
— Cecile Richards
Liberal Comedy Show Planned Parenthood Fundraiser Performance

We perform our signature brand of riotous feminist comedy at Planned Parenthood fundraisers all over the nation. The Broads bring in new audiences, energize your supporters, and make money for you!

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Playing coast to coast!

From our Off-Broadway home at NYC’s SoHo Playhouse, to events across the country for Planned Parenthood, the ACLU, colleges, and theaters, the Broads are always on the move!

Colossal entertainment value,
induced by the joyously vulgar,
smart writing and
skillfully executed showmanship.
— Los Angeles Examiner
For well over a decade, the critically-acclaimed, nationally-touring musical comedy and sketch troupe Broad Comedy has used its hilarious blend of song, dance and political satire to take an unblinking look at our society. Think of these ladies as the voice in your head—only funnier.
— Time Out New York
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written, directed, and headlined by comedian and youtube sensation katie goodman!

Katie Goodman brought down the house … Brilliant!
— Comedy Central
Katie Goodman is a multi-talented, femme-extraordinaire!
— Los Angeles Examiner

Katie Goodman is an award-winning comedian, author, workshop leader, and speaker. She has been seen on Showtime, Current TV, and TruTV, and has toured internationally for two decades, with comedy that has amassed millions of views online. Katie, along with her husband, Co-Director and Co-Author Soren Kisiel, have been nominated for the MacArthur Foundation Genius Grant for their unique work in theatre.

On par not just with any woman in modern comedy, not just with any music act in modern comedy but, categorically on par with anyone working the current comedy scene... Impressive. ...Magnificent.
— Punchline Magazine