The Broads are here to save the world! …or at least your sanity!

With hits like “MILF,” "I.C.E. I.C.E Baby," and “Probably Gay: The Homophobia Song” nothing is sacred, except a bright and unflinching look at politics, parenting, Donald Trump, and sex. But not in that order and definitely not combined! If you’re looking for racy, smart, feisty comedy that comes with an edgy integrity plus satirical honesty, then BROAD COMEDY is your jam.

For well over a decade, the critically-acclaimed, nationally-touring musical comedy and sketch troupe Broad Comedy has used its hilarious blend of song, dance and political satire to take an unblinking look at our society. Think of these ladies as the voice in your head—only funnier.
— Time Out New York

Tell me more about feminist comedy!

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  • Currently with a home Off-Broadway at the SoHo Playhouse

  • Performances at the famous 54 Below, Joe’s Pub, and Caroline's On Broadway

  • Three-month runs in Los Angeles and Boston

  • "Top Ten Sketch Comedy Pick" at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Scotland

  • We are hired to perform at fundraisers forPlanned Parenthood, The ACLU, LGBTQ+ Organizations, Democratic Fundraisers and Women’s Health Organizations


Answer: Are you looking for cutting-edge material and hilarious performances that will thrill your audience and leave them tweeting about it to their friends? YES, YOU SHOULD.

Do your audiences write to you telling you how much they loved your production of Annie and asking how long until you do it again?


Answer: Are you a women's health clinic, a liberal political organization, a college, or basically any corporation or organization that doesn't open your meetings with a group prayer that Obamacare is repealed? YES, YOU SHOULD.

Are you a conservative Country Club, or an Abstinence-Only textbook publisher? NO, YOU PROBABLY SHOULD NOT.

Sharp writing, playful performances and impeccable comic timing! The fun is infectious!
— The Boston Globe
Finally, someone said what we were thinking.
— The Huffington Post
Daring, witty and flat-out funny… Flawless timing and Fearless writing… Will have you laughing, blushing and begging for more. Fabulously talented. These sassy broads are smart, edgy and bold.
— Press +1, Canada
Katie Goodman brought down the house … Brilliant!
— Comedy Central
Fierce, female, fabulous and funny!
— Eve Ensler
Laugh-out-loud, knee-slapping, roll in the aisles funny… well worth putting on your ‘must see’ list… side splitting, provocative, and politically pointed lunacy.
— The Vibe, Los Angeles
If this irreverent, giddy, snarky, perky collage of satire, sketch comedy, and cheerleading doesn’t make you laugh, then either you are incapable of laughter or you are Dick Cheney. Or, of course, both.
— The Boston Globe
This razor sharp and sometimes raw but hilariously funny theatrical experience will astound adult audiences…. This highly successful and markedly unique theatrical comedy hit…originally scheduled for 4 weeks, the show was stretched to 12 weeks by popular demand.
— Carriage News, Boston
Broad Comedy will help you laugh at the bastards — thus lengthening your life and shortening theirs.
— Gloria Steinem