Ever wonder what would happen if SNL and Full Frontal With Samantha Bee had a child and hired Eddie Izzard as the manny? We have the answer!

Broad Comedy is a liberal, musical sketch comedy show, that tours the country bringing our signature brand of riotous liberal comedy to your supporters at Pride events and fundraisers to help you raise money. There has NEVER been time as good as this to motivate the younger generations to become new members and activists, and to reinspire current members and older generations who need a pick me up. This is the answer to getting these activists out and ACTIVE, and to getting donations in an easy and fun way. We do smart, thoughtful, honest framing of current political issues, by putting them into song and sketch and get your audiences inspired.

You bring us in to do the show, and we build this movement together!

Comedy Performance for LGBTQ Fundraisers and Pride Events

Dan Savage says, “I love the Probably Gay song!”

Here is what we do, all over the nation:

  • We bring in new audiences!

  • We punch up the energy with the supporters you already have!

  • We make money for you!

How? Through ticket sales and donations made on the spot from your audiences who get inspired at the event.


  • 50-60 minute high-energy show of hilarious songs and sketches during dessert at an event.

  • A full two-act show in a theatre with an intermission.

  • 3. A shorter performance of 2-3 songs at your Pride Festival!

We can talk more about the details with you individually to see what makes sense for your supporters.

HERE ARE EXAMPLES of how we helped Events succeed:

This year, we raised $594,700.00 at Planned Parenthood Hudson Valley!

In Montana, Planned Parenthood has an annual 300-person dinner. The first year that we did our show, Planned Parenthood of MT had twice as many people as the year before, which they said was due to bringing us in. And the second year grew another 30%! Michael DeGroat, the Director Of Development said: "We owe that large turn out to the fact that Broad Comedy was a big pull for people. The crowd loved them. The material was right on track with our mission and inspired our audiences and gave them renewed energy for the cause."

At Boulder Valley Women’s Health, we did a fundraiser for the Boulder Women's Clinic in a 900-seat theatre and did a two-act show. The whole event grossed $85,000, and brought in 250 new membersThe Broads went back for a second and third year with totally new material both times!


We can alter our material to appeal to your audience, and we have over 100 songs and sketches to choose from. We can pick the show together!

We LOVE doing this, making money for LGBTQ+ Organizations, and bringing you new members.  It's one of our favorite things we do.

LGBTQ Fundraiser Comedy Performance by Broad Comedy

Contact us to start a conversation about what you need! We look forward to talking with you!

Finally, someone said what we were thinking.”
— The Huffington Post
Katie Goodman brought down the house … Brilliant!
— Comedy Central
For well over a decade, the critically-acclaimed, nationally-touring musical comedy and sketch troupe Broad Comedy has used its hilarious blend of song, dance and political satire to take an unblinking look at our society. Think of these ladies as the voice in your head—only funnier.
— Time Out New York, Critic's Pick
Sharp writing, playful performances and impeccable comic timing! The fun is infectious!
— The Boston Globe